First Aid Training 16 or 8 hours


The study programme covers topics identified in regulation “Procedure for first aid training and in-service training at continuing education institutions for working environment representatives, member of the working environment council and first aid providers” [“töökeskkonnavoliniku, töökeskkonnanõukogu liikme ja esmaabiandja koolituse ja täienduskoolituse kord täienduskoolitusasutuses”] of the Ministry of Social Affairs dated 01.01.2019.

The study programme comprises theory and practice. Practical work makes up 40% of the workload determined with the study programme. In addition to the standard lecture format, the study programme also makes use of methods characteristic to the constructivist concept of learning, such as simulations and group work. Implementation of the study programme is based on empirical, transformative, collaborative, social, situated and problem-driven learning.

Study programme goals – Ensure necessary training for first aid providers to allow them to successfully perform the duties of the person responsible for first aid according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. After completing the training, students are capable of providing first aid to persons who need it. The study programme helps people gain a clear understanding of the tactics and necessity of providing first aid; practice manual skills for first aid activities; and feel more encouraged to act quickly and adequately in critical situations.