We offer first aid training courses at work, first aid field trial courses and basic rescue courses.
We are pleased to offer a thoughtful and tailored multilevel training scenarios according to the client's needs.
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Tervishoiu Akadeemia offers several continuing education of First Aid and emergency training courses to help workplaces by teaching and empowering them to act on, prevent, and manage life’s emergencies (healthcare clinics/centers, nursing homes etc). We offer First Aid courses for specific target group like day nursery, construction companies and sports facilities.


We provide Basic Rescue Courses and Disaster Responce Trainings with emphasis on individual preparedness. Trainings take place ´´on the field´´, and are directed as faithfully as possible. The exercises are aimed for people who have completed basic first aid training course and want to reflect their knowledge in the real action. Each training has separate scenario and consists of “real victim”, make-up, cases and legends, mannequins, constructions and other needed equipment.

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